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About the project

The BIOERA+ project has evolved from the need to develop, reinforce and make teaching methodology in the field of bioeconomy more flexible. Bioeconomy remains crucial for sustainable development of Europe. The Covid-19 pandemic confronted academic community with the necessity to adapt rapidly to the demands of online work.

For many lecturers and students, the lack of face-to-face contact resulted in less effective and less engaging classes. However, this experience can also be treated as an opportunity to enhance teaching methodology, alter the approach to the methods of motivating, activating as well as evaluating students’ work.

Project objectives

Project can be also seen as a chance to implement new teaching methods that will inspire academic faculty and enable smooth transitions between learning in virtual reality and in real life situations.

1. Enhancement of academic teaching methodology.
2. Inclusion of creative problem-solving processes such as design thinking and co-creation into teaching.
3. Development of agile teaching enabling smooth transition from online to contact teaching.
4. Improvements in education in the field of bioeconomy.
5. Spreading knowledge of circular bioeconomy.
6. Promotion of circular bioeconomy foundations.