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MPowered Projects

M-Powered specialises in Design Thinking and Service Design methods. In the last five years we have run Design Thinking courses, workshops and jams for over 20 organisations: universities, NGOs, schools and companies. We also incorporate Design Thinking in our project management courses teaching our clients how to design meaningful projects.

M-Powered also supports staff of educational institutes and NGOs to help them to increase efficiency, creative problem-solving, job satisfaction, and balance in their work and personal lives. We believe that everyone is deserving of a career in which they feel motivated, fulfilled, and valued and we work with organisations and individuals to help them to achieve this.

Our vision is to empower all our clients to be effective, balanced and creative through our unique, high quality, and holistic training and consultancy services. In the five years since we were established, we have worked with over 600 trainees and 80 organisations to help transform and modernise their practices. We collaborate with 10 trainers, teachers and consultants.
At M-Powered, we pride ourselves on the unique approach that underpins all our work. Our courses and tools are designed around the needs of the individual to feel motivated, inspired and balanced in their work and life. It is this holistic approach that sets us apart and ensures that we achieve impactful and meaningful results for our clients.

The M-Powered method includes:

  • design Thinking tools and methods,
  • an assessment of an organisation’s needs and project management and creative processes,
  • training courses organised in a peaceful environment, combined with mindfulness and holistic healthy living activities,
  • reinforcement of networking with European organisations,
  • mindfulness and empowerment sessions,
  • personal development,
  • work-life balance methods.