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RESULT 2: Design Thinking Handbook for Academic Teachers

The second task was to create handbook which describes the main ideas of co-creation, meaning the cooperation between different stakeholders during new service or product development. The book primarily focuses on Design Thinking as one of the co-creation methods.

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Short summary

For the purpose of this book, the authors (Katarzyna Piecuch and Marzena Wieczorek-Przybyło) defined co-creation as new value of joint creation (an innovative hybrid teaching methodology, a set of inspiring teaching tools and an international trial course “Bioeconomy” based on Agile Teaching methodology).

Co-creative approaches build conditions for sharing ideas and a joint process of improving them. There are many ways to work with co-creation concepts. It mainly depends on the challenge and goal. You, as the initiator of co-creation, decide how open you want to be during the process.

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