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BioEra consortium meeting in Tenerife

At the beginning of the year, another meeting of BioEra+ partners took place between 23-25 January. This time it was held at the University of La Laguna in Tenerife. The project is entering its final and most important phase: the development of an experimental, hybrid ‘Bioeconomy’ course which will be accessible to students from all partner universities.

The course comprises nine thematic modules which cover numerous aspects of bioeconomy – from socio-economic conditions, environmental problems, processing of bio-raw materials to water recovery and closed-loop systems. The methods discussed in the co-authored handbook, a key output of the project, will be implemented in the course. The course will enable students to earn 3 ECTS while staying in either La Laguna (Spain) or Brno (Czech Republic).

The academic staff from all partner universities will be involved in the preparation and delivery of the course. The Tenerife meeting was primarily dedicated to course preparation and the design of the comprehensive logistics and implementation plan.