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The 2nd Transnational Team Meeting

Another transnational meeting of the Bioera+ team has been successfully completed. It was a two-day meeting hosted by our colleagues from Mendel University in Brno. Although there was a lot on the agenda, Radka, Vojtech and Tomas skillfully incorporated pastime activities after hours.

On the first day, the team worked on current problems and concerns related to the implementation of the project results.

Brainstorming session at MENDEL in Brno

The team agreed on the methods that will be utilized to solve the problems. The second part of the day was filled with brainstorming ideas on joint publications on bioeconomy awareness and perception among internal interested parties at partner universities.

BioEra+ team at the botanical garden of Mendel University in Brno

The following day of work began with the topic of a joint publication that will be based on internal surveys conducted at the universities. Interested parties completed the survey and its outcome will be converted shorty into a report published on bioeraplus.eu website and will depict the position of bioeconomy in the partners’ countries and at the partner universities themselves. The report will include the network of external stakeholders of the departments which are implementing the project.

Next on the agenda was the presentation of Result 2 namely the manual of the Design Thinking in university education, which will be published on the project’s website later this year. The partners also discussed the beginning of work on Result 3 which will take the form of a methodological manual for agile teaching swiftly maneuvering between virtual and material reality. The day’s work was concluded with a brief presentation on financial and billing matters.

The team worked in the charming surroundings of the Eden organic farm in Bystřice on Pernštejnem in the Vysočina region. When the work was finished, the team were offered a relaxing pint of beer brewed on the farm surrounded by the natural attractions of the region.

Work in progress

Residents of the Eden farm

Brewery on the farm

The fruitful September meeting resulted in introducing new organizational principles, where more frequent online meetings and more intensive communication are a must. Action plans have been set and everyone is now looking forward to the next gathering at the sunny Instituto Politécnico de Beja in Portugal.